Monday, May 14, 2007

Shiver me timbers!

Over at (your handy guide to absolutely everything lesbionic on the small and silver screens) I've just learned about what surely must be the silliest concept yet for a reality TV series. Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I give you: Pirate Master.

"Ok admit it," quoth one of the trailers for this new show, "everyone's dreamed of being a pirate some day, right? "

Possibly when I was seven or eight, I suppose, but honestly? Not lately...

"I'm going after that treasure. I'm down for that treasure hunt," says Ben, 23, a Boston student/musician.*

Down for that treasure? Oh dear god. Or, to put it another way, 'Belay that! These swabs be addled, I tells ye, arg!'

But can you guess what's worse? The true, stomach churning horror that lies hid beneath the saucy veneer of this, admittedly fun-in-a-silly-way program? IT'S HOSTED BY CAMERON DADDO!! Oh, the horror, the horror!!

*Can you imagine the looks on his parents' faces when he said 'Mom, Dad, I'm taking time off my studies to be on teevee. I'm going off to be a pirate.'?!


g-man said...

How cool would it be if they follow the fish-out-of-water formula and put soft-city folk on an acutal pirate ship marauding shipping in the Malacca Strait? Followed by a camera crew watch the participants board Indonesian registered tankers with sub-machine guns and missile launchers, kidnapping the ship's captain and threatening to kill him if the said sum isn't paid.

Unknown said...

A show about butt pirates. I would watch that!

g-man said...

what about arse bandits?

richardwatts said...

Bandits who steal your arses? ;-)